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Hi My name is Ruth Anne Sheridan and I am your Success Mentor.

Ruth Anne SheridanI was born and raised in Niagara Falls Canada. Yes, people actually live there! My father was a shift worker at the power plant and my mom stayed at home and took care of me and my older brother and sister. Though I was raised in a traditional working family, I was always an entrepreneur at heart.

I graduated high school early and went straight into the university stream because that’s what I thought I should be doing. During university, my friend and I set up our very first business. It was called University Printers and we did a ton of small-batch printing for things that happened at the university like concert tickets. I was absolutely excited about creating my own success and I was hooked on being an entrepreneur.

I graduated with an Honours in Business Administration and later went on to specialize in tax and became a CPA in 1987. For 20+ years after University, I found myself climbing corporate ladders, and feeling like I was stuck on a treadmill that just kept going faster and faster. My earliest jobs were typical accounting type roles. Later I moved into the high tech sector where I started out as the CFO of a budding technology company and later became the President and Chief Operating Officer. In this role, I honed my confidence and skills at the “C” level and ended up raising $30million in private equity financing for the company. The business was growing and supported about 400 employees that I was responsible for. It was an exciting time till the markets crashed and the company downsized. I had always believed that we could learn great things through great experiences however there is no greater learning that happens than when thing go south. That’s where you learn what you’re made of.

The moment I realized I never wanted to work for someone else ever again.

After the market crash, I worked for an entire year for no pay. I was doing everything I possibly could to salvage what was left of the company, staff, and technology. Eventually, I had to throw in the towel because I wasn’t going to last much longer working for free.

It was at that moment that I DECIDED I would never work for someone else again. I was taking back control of my life and the circumstances affecting it. People around me were losing jobs left and right and I vowed never again to be a casualty of a bad market or a boss that didn’t pay or in my case couldn’t pay.

I decided to open a gym at that point. The Crossfit movement was still pretty new so I jumped on it and opened the third Crossfit in Canada. People said I was crazy and that this hardcore exercise regime would never last. I had a vision of a community I could build around this program and set out to do it. My little gym took off and sooner rather than later I was looking for a new and bigger location with triple the floor space.

Because Crossfit was new in Canada it also meant that it was tough to get equipment and that spawned my next business. I opened an online store called The Garage Gym Store and started importing fitness equipment from Asia and selling crossfit equipment online to the Crossfit gyms popping up like popcorn on a hot stove in Canada. My two little businesses were doing well with over three million in gross sales and were continuing to grow.

But what I found was I was stressed out, trying to juggle the community and raise two teens at home on my own. I had basically built myself a job and after much soul-searching sold the business.

I soon realized that I didn't own my businesses - they owned me.

I was at a total crossroads in my life. My children were close to moving away to University and I was still too young to think about retiring. I could easily go back to work in corporate and likely step into a pretty kick-ass job but the thought of doing that not only did not excite me, it made me feel like it was a bit of a cop-out.

I wanted to serve people, have a bigger purpose. I had gathered so much knowledge in my career that I wanted to use it to help empower people to step into change and help them create more in their lives.

I started dabbling in personal development, manifestation, creating wealth, and online marketing. I had played around in network marketing, offering products to my gym clients for years and eventually became a six figure earner in the industry.

However, the dabbling soon became an obsession as more and more things opened up to me as I focussed on my energy to attract and manifest what I wanted. In less than one year, in addition to my network marketing income, I manifested a brand new six-figure coaching business in the Internet Marketing space along with two other streams of income that had been totally unexpected but had been placed before me to enjoy. I met a host of like-minded entrepreneurs which turned into profitable business alliances in the digital marketing space, coaching, and affiliate marketing space.

And the best part is it is all done from the comfort of home on my own schedule. I had heard stories of the laptop lifestyle and fast forward to today, my business is literally run from an iPad Pro and iPhone whether I am beachside or hanging out with my daughters who now live 6 hours from my home.

A Fearless Path to Success!

It wasn't always easy...

Building a business, whether its sales, network marketing, or e-commerce has a huge marketing component. Many people in these professions really have no idea how to use marketing or the online space to build. Many have not yet done the inner work to make it happen. I knew I needed to get myself educated so I hired a mentor. With the right Mentor, the right skill set and mindset, manifesting a wildly successful business IS possible.

Like all entrepreneurs, I too had doubts about my ability to perform in the Marketing Space. My mentor helped me overcome the many objections I faced. So many people told me that I should just go back to corporate and finish out my career there. Some told me I was too old to start something new. But in my heart something was burning…. it was to have the purposeful life helping others reach their dreams and make a substantial income doing it so that I could help even more people.

It wasn't always pretty but I learned to manifest this success, and took action

Every time I failed, I came back with a vengeance. My mentor helped me understand manifestation, how to align my vibrational energy with the outcome that I sought. Most importantly he helped my understand that manifesting is only as good as the conscious actions that are taking that are directly in line with the goal.

I started to understand that business success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. This was a big leap for an analytical accountant like me to understand!

Investing in myself through mentorship brought me to true success. Manifesting what I wanted gave me the life that I dreamed of for so many years. Everything changed once I had a mentor in my corner and positive people in my life, pushing me past my boundaries I set for myself and facing the doubts that had plagued me at the start.

As a success mentor and coach, I share with my clients exactly how to overcome these obstacles, letting them lead a life of total abundance and fulfillment while growing their business and leveraging their time.

Now I have found a vehicle to fulfill my life purpose.

Today, I inspire others to manifest their purpose and dream life, and guide them with the strategies and actions that will take them there. My impact on people continues to grow exponentially. I’m so blessed to be able to say that I have found where I am meant to be. I’ve hosted live in person trainings, podcasts, been featured on summits, won trips, and more than tripled my corporate income. I run my business from the comfort of home, or any place I travel to, be it a beach town or away visiting my daughters. I call myself the CEO of my life. My relationship with my husband is so beautiful and continues to grow and I am incredibly proud of my two smart, beautiful and kind daughters.

If I can manifest this, so can you!

There is a spectacular life out there that has your name on it. Only YOU know what it looks like. Isn’t it time to start living it now?

I know you can manifest it. I am living proof!

DECIDE to reclaim your life and start investing in YOU.

If you’re ready to make that upgrade then I am ready to help you and hand over the keys to success. It’s my purpose to help you create the life of your dreams with manifestation, sound business strategies, and aligned action.

My promise to you is that the only way to fail is to quit. I’ve got your back on this one! So let me be the heart-centered mentor and guide you to the life that you have dreamed of. It is all there for the taking.

I believe in you.

With Love,

Some fun facts about me.

Ruth Anne Sheridan1. I love to cook for my family. My favourite dish to make is Mac and Cheese for my daughter because I take such delight in seeing her happy face when she eats it!

2. I LOVE to trail run. Being outside is my go-to for rebalancing my energy

3. I LOVE champagne. Enough said.

4. Traveling is my fun place. Beaches, mountains, camping, as long as its in nature I am a happy camper

5. My Team is like my second family. I love them to the moon.

6. I get the most pumped helping others succeed and create new existences.

7. I LOVE my husband Reg. He is a crazy pretty well known rock climber and he’s just so much fun to be around. When I am with him I find peace and happiness.

8. I owned a crossfit gym for 10 years, was a Lululemon Ambassador and was a model in two fitness magazines. The gym is my happy place.

9. My Favourite quote is “step into your power” I tell my girls that all the time and they say ” Oh Mom”

10. I believe in family first. Without close relationships, we are lost.

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