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To Hustle or Flow? The Entrepreneurial Dilema

There is a battle going on out there.

Hustle your ass off to get stuff off the ground and grab what you are going for
Tap into flow. That’s where stuff literally happens. It unfolds like a beautiful table full of the biggest most delicious feast set right before you.

Have you ever struggled which energy to tap into? It’s tempting to tap into the hustle right?

If you follow social media at all, half of the entrepreneurs are the hustlers, the grinders.  The brag about getting up at 5 in the morning and go too bed no earlier than 2 am. They are on their computers all the time.  they are the dancing bears on social media  pushing thier wears and insta-storying ever last move they make every single day. They believe that if they don’t hustle, their businesses won’t grow. They also believe that the harder they work the more success they will have.  I mean you know who they are right? You see them grindin gon social media and showing off their efforts with fancy smancy stuff like Jimmy Choo shoes, fast cars and luxury holidays.  They feel they have bragging rights because after all they grinded for it ….right?….even if it left them in a hell hole of debt.


The other half of the entrepreneurs on the same platforms are dissing the Hustlers.  They are serene, unhurried, and through their energy are able to make it happen with ease.  They are thankful for what they have but are not show offs because everything just shows up in abundance anyway so there’s no point to being flashy.  They get up when they get up and feel no need to compete with the clock to get ahead of the next guy.


So Which Energy is the right one?


With such a MIXED message on the social media platforms…. It can get confusing. I often find myself in hustle mode stressing myself for not being in the flow. Then when I find myself in flow mode, I find myself stressing again for not hustling hard.

It literally makes me crazy some days until I realized that like many things the best way is a balance.

A balance between hustle and flow!

I like to parcel my days off into time blocks. Times of hustle and times for flow.  Years ago when I started my business I was constantly in hustle.  So much hustle that things started to suffer and funny thing is that my business did ok but really didn’t grow.

Then I realized that I was TOTALLY burning myself out and damaging alot of the good stuff that was going on around me.

1) Experience hustle & flow every day

I have found that the best way to tap into both energies is to do it with intention. Literally parcelling off a part of your day for hustle and part of your day for flow will yield results beyond your wildest dreams. I personally like to start my day in flow mode. How I do this? I spend time on things that align my energy with my overall mission and goals for the day. It involves, exercise, gratitude, journaling, meditation, eating something healthy and often listening to something that inspires me as I work out. The key is to pick 1 or 2 things that feel really good to you, and be in receiving mode to gain crystal clarity on your inspired action. This can come from meditation or even brainstorming in a journal. Your inspired action will be given once you set the intention of what you’d like to accomplish. It also helps to visualize the desired outcome…I mean see it, feel it taste it and smell it. Make it as real as you can so that you can tap into that energy of manifestation. Once you feel inspired, centred aligned and ready to take action thats your queue to go for it….time to get into the hustle. I’m talking massive action that is totally focussed on the one or two things that aligned with your goal.  Don’t get trapped in the grey. What do I mean? Sometimes when we take action we can get distracted by things we see on social media or other things that we might work on….stay focused so that your hustle pays off and is aligned with your goals.

2) Experience hustle & flow with the seasons

Have you ever noticed how your body changes in it’s energy and the way it feels with the seasons.  I know that I flow with ease in the summer months, when the weather is warm and the days are hot. Intuitively the last thing I want to do is hustle 14 hour days all summer long as I see another summer slip by me.  Now that’s not to say that there are days in the summer I hustle but I give myself permission to enjoy this season and not beat myself up over the fact that I’m not hustling hard most of the time.  The fall on the other hand feels like hustle…it’s time to roll up ,y sleeves and I naturally feel like I want to do it.  I don’t stress over not being in the flow quite as much having come through the summer and have had a bit of flow time.

It really is all a balance.

I believe that both are super important, but there is not one that is more important than the other. The key is to do what feels right to you RIGHT NOW.

Does it feel better for you to go for a walk or grind at a crossfit class?

Does it feel better for you to write a blog post or go for a bike ride?

Does it feel better for you to sit behind your desk and do a facebook live or go bake your family’s favourite cookies?

Follow your intuition, do it what it tells you to do in that moment. It is always right.

Remember, no one should dictate whether you are in hustle or flow in YOUR business.  Nor should watching dancing bears ( you know who they are) on social media make you feel like you gotta do what they are doing 24/7.

You know what’s best for you bottom line.

Trust it and follow it.


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To Your Massive Success,

Ruth Anne Sheridan

Ruth Anne Sheridan


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