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The Fastest Way To Gain Expert Status Even if You’re a Complete Newbie

Having your own product, even if only a simple freebee, is one thing that will absolutely set you apart from others and establish authority quickly. You don’t have to already be successful to do this – and doing it early on can help you speed up the process of becoming successful!

First off however you must realize that you can’t really charge money for anything until you’ve established a bit of a reputation. If you’re going to be charging for your product, then you’ve got to have some sort of results… You need to show “proof” that what you’re teaching is actually working for other people. But even if you’re brand new, you can certainly have your own product in the form of a freebie that you’re giving away.

So how, then, do you create a free eBook, a report, a video series or some other product, and how will this help others believe in you as a leader?

I’m glad you asked, because I’m going to answer those questions and several others in this article… 

Tip #1: Believe In Yourself And Others Will, Too.

The first thing is to realize that others see you as you see yourself. Never forget that. If you present yourself as a professional and an authority, someone worthy of respect, this is also how your prospects will see you.

Remember, your prospects are all looking for a leader…and they WANT you to be that leader so that their search will come to an end and they can stop looking. (This is obviously all at a subconscious level.)

Bottom line: Own your greatness, and take on the role of a leader. If you look like a leader, talk like a leader and act like a leader, your prospects will also SEE you as a leader.

Tip #2: Keep Raising The Bar.

Second, you have to be extremely committed to self-education, to raising the bar on yourself as a person, marketer and leader.

You have to continuously study and hone your skill sets. You obviously can’t present yourself as a knowledgeable leader and then risk having that image shattered the moment your prospect gets you on the phone because you don’t actually know your stuff.

That being said, you don’t have to know a lot starting out…you just have to know more than your prospects.

Remember that most people who are in the Network Marketing Industry are really stuck. They are looking for leaders, for people to join who perhaps can teach them a new skill, a new way to generate some leads and make some sales. You really just need to be one step ahead of your prospect to start attracting them to you. Bottom line? Get educated!

Tip #3: Creating a “Lead Magnet” For Your Business

Create a Lead Magnet!

Remember that a product can be practically anything. I’m sure that you already know about eBooks and pdf reports and audio downloads (mp3s).

But, have you ever considered having a series of YouTube videos as your product? It’s free and super easy to do. Also, keep in mind that these videos can be tutorials where you share your screen. There are great screen sharing softwares out of there. Zoom gives you a free account so you can get started for virtually no money!

Now, it’s important you realize that your first product is not going to be perfect. In fact after years of marketing my stuff still isn’t perfect. There are always new and better ways to do things. But just by having a product in the first place you’ll be miles ahead of everyone else at the outset. Most network marketers don’t have a free give-away, or if they do, it’s not unique to them: It doesn’t have their name on it as the author… It’s something they’ve gotten from their upline and which everyone else in the team (or in the company) is also using. Not very original and therefore also not very effective…

Again, your product doesn’t have to be “perfect” and it also doesn’t have to be “huge”. What I’m saying is, don’t set out to create THE product; just to create A product.

If it is a report or an eBook, 10 to 20 pages is sufficient. If it’s a video or an audio series, each audio or video doesn’t need to be more than 5 minutes.

Whatever your product is, focus on giving value. Focus on solving your prospects problems. That’s what’s important – that you’re actually teaching something. Give your prospects something helpful, something practical that they can take action with right away and get results with.

And “get results”, by the way, doesn’t have to mean “how to make 10K in 90 days”. It could be “how to get 20 new followers a day on Instagram”, or maybe “how to double your productivity in three simple steps”. You get the idea?

Who Should Your Product Be For?

With your product, as with the rest of your marketing, you should seek to address a specific and very targeted group of people, namely people who are looking for help.

These are prospects whose challenges you can most likely relate to: You know what it’s like to struggle to get leads and signups, and to not have access to proper training and support. By helping a struggling Network Marketer, they will start to see you as someone they might want to join because the see you as someone who can potentially help them get out of their stuck state,

If you’re trying to attract people to buy your network marketing products then think about what types of problems your products solve. Then create a product to solve the problem. For instance if you sell weight loss products in your mlm you might put together a 7 day healthy eating challenge and deliver the challenge in a Facebook group, only after collecting your prospect’s email address.

A Word of Comfort to the Overwhelmed

A quick word of caution before I continue: Always remember that as a new marketer your focus should be on primarily two things:

  1. Generating leads
  2. Converting leads.

That being said, you should also always, from day one, be looking for ways to share value with others – even if it’s just through your Facebook status updates or Instagram Feed

Before long you’ll also get to a point where it makes sense to take some of what you’ve learned and put it into a product. And again, I personally think it is a great idea to create a product to give away to prospects as early on as possible because it will really help establish you as a leader in their eyes.

IF you find yourself overwhelmed thinking about creating a lead magnet then find someone who has done it before and ask them their advice on where to start or just google it. You will find lots of advice that way. Most of all remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.

How to Outsource the Making of Your Product

The cool thing is that having a product created is something that you can outsource quite inexpensively.

Rather than trying to set out to learn some complicated eBook software as a brand new marketer, look for an inexpensive a freelancer online, to make your product look pretty for you. Fivrr is a great place to find such folks.

On the other hand, if your product is, say an audio download or a video series, this is very easy to do yourself and probably not something you would need to outsource. Do a simple Google search on it online and you should be able to quickly find the information you need to create your product.

So there it is in a nutshell… How having a simple product of your own can help you be seen as a leader more quickly and therefore generate more leads as a result, as well as some ideas for how to actually go about creating that product. Hope this was helpful to you… Best of luck and happy product creating!

XO- Ruth

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