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The Crippling Mistakes Most Network Marketers Make And How To Avoid Them

Have you ever felt like your business posts are bothering people?

When you post something on social media about your business, you get nothing….

no comments…

no likes…

no shares…

no send me more info please.…..

You have asked yourself… hellooooo is anyone out there? 

Here is the truth…

You could be ” That” person everyone is avoiding and not even know it!

Yikes right?

Now before you start trying to justify it, just know that I GET IT!

In fact, I did it too. 

I was actually repelling potential customers and distributors by what I was doing to grow my business online and I didn’t even know it. 

The reality is most Network Marketers are unknowingly messing up their businesses on social media and they are not even aware of it because most uplines are teaching very outdated strategies.

What worked 5 years ago, to bring massive success to others in your company doesn’t work anymore. 

In fact, it is actually annoying and pushing people away. The exact people who may be good customers or recruits!

Warning Signs that you are repelling people…

  • You are private messaging people from high school that you haven’t talked to in 20 years or so, hoping to get them to enroll in your business. 
  • Your first message to a new contact on social media includes a link to join you or buy your products. 
  • Your social media feed is more before and after photos than not and the other half of your feed is pictures of your products. 
  • You have a hidden agenda, every time you have a conversation with another human being… wondering how you can change the conversation to them enrolling or buying a product. 

If you were nodding your head or saying done that, then you are probably ready for a more effective way to build your business. 

I know I was. 

Now before we go any further…

I’m in no way saying to get off of social media and go back to traditional building of home meetings, 3 way calls and one on ones.  

(Although that stuff still works, believe it or not.)

Building your business online is not only doable but is very profitable. In the last two months I recruited 43 new people into my business by using a proven online strategy.

But, before I get into the details of that strategy, here are a couple of things that if you didn’t know, would make it impossible for you to build your business to the level you are looking for. 

Slow is Fast

If you’re posting before and after pics, and pictures of products, saying ‘lose weight, ask me how’ and ‘private message me’, you’re going to continue to get no engagement from your social media efforts.

Plus you are talking to the same 500 people everyday, ( that’s if they ever even see your posts) and your friends list on social media changes very little from day to day, unless you have a strategy to grow it, that we will talk about below.

So instead of posting annoying posts and messaging people, you provide value first, (with no strings attached), and go slow with people, (building a real relationship), you’ll actually go fast because they’ll trust you and people only buy from people they trust. They also only join people they know, like, and trust. You have heard that before right?

The more value you provide, the more ‘credit’ you build with people and your business will grow fast!

People who have credibility, who provide value to people, do very well in business.

Every day, everyone is trying to be interesting on social media to compete for people’s attention. This can be challenging these days as everyone is trying to do the same thing and people are literally bombarded with information.

So, how can you be different?

You must be interested in them instead of just interesting.

If you don’t get to know them, then you only know what YOU want, and guess what? They don’t care what you want.

Always remember, your prospects only care about what they want.

Which brings us to…

Selling Vs. Value 

  1. Even though we think the products/service of our company are the greatest things in the world known to man and ‘everyone needs it’, the fact is, it’s not interesting to them…  YET.
  2. ‘Lose weight, ask me how’ or ‘hurry join my team, private message me!’ will not work any more, AT ALL, they have become immune.
  3. People don’t sign up with your company, or a product. They sign up with you, and for the benefit for them, not the features of the product.
  4. Subconsciously, we all know, it’s not a product or a service that can get us everything we want in our lives. It’s a person with value, a mentor, or people, that can teach us how to get the results we want in our life.
  5. Your prospects don’t care about ‘what‘ it is, and subconsciously, they only care about what’s in it for them…because it’s their agenda to get what they want!
  6. Instead of trying to selling them something, you can dig deep down into what they need and offer a solution based on those needs, wants, or desires they will be enrolling into your business before they even know what it is!
  7. Then, if you build the skill to subconsciously anchor them into the system they must follow for the next few years, to get to those needs, wants, or desires faster, then you won’t be able to stop them! They will be, ‘just show me what to do, and get out of the way’!

Stop Posting The Name Of Your Company

This seems a bit counter intuitive, right?

How are people going to join you or buy a product if they don’t know what it is?  

By posting about your company, you are saying the company plays a bigger role in helping them, than you do.

You’re just a sales person – an unimportant commodity – they don’t need.

In fact, if you are perceived as a sales person, you are repelling your prospects! You see people on social media are not there to buy stuff. They go to Amazon to do that. They are there to be entertained, educated and connect with people. Thats pretty much it,

The other thing about it is, your potential prospects immediately rush to Google and do their ‘research’ instead of thinking to ask you for accurate information about your company or product and may immediately find the negativity out there on the internet with their own conclusions about what you do or even worse… they order or join with someone else. 

Think about it…have you ever googled a medical condition and the first things that come up are the worst possible outcomes of the condition? Same thing happens when people google network marketing or individual companies!

But when you use curiosity in your posting, it will drive them crazy, and they’ll want to know more.

This creates more of an ‘attraction to find out more’, rather than the repulsion. The key is to never satisfy their curiosity or give them enough to they think they already ‘know ‘ or else they won’t have to ‘show up’ to learn more.


How to “ATTRACT” Instead of “Sell”: (Key if you’re using social media to build your business)

Network Marketing. The key word in there is: MARKETING!

It’s not called ” make 25 new facebook friends a day and try to engage with them so you can sell them stuff” nor is it called “copy and paste 50 messages a day to strangers trying to convince them they should join” or how about this one… “post on social media with your products fifteen times a day and wait for them to buy something” marketing.

Rather than spending hours spamming or private messaging people, ( which if you have ever done it takes tons of time and produces few results) I learned how to use social media to actually help me attract the right people who are most interested in what I have to offer, elevating my business to a higher level.

So if you are wondering what ‘Attraction Marketing’ is all about I want you to imagine this for a second… 

You wake up in the morning to your email, and you smile from ear to ear because you see commissions, new leads, and people applying to join your team. This didn’t happen over night or by accident. It happened because you followed a proven step by step system to attract people to you online that is repeatable and duplicable. 

This is ‘Attraction Marketing’. 

Now, you might be thinking. “This sounds too good to be true”.  I totally get it, trust me.

When this method was first introduced to me I thought the same thing. In fact, I thought it was a scam… LOL!

But I was SOOO ready to try something new, because spamming my news feed with product posts and messaging strangers was getting really old, plus it wasn’t producing the results I was looking for.  

So, if you’re ready to build your business online with a proven strategy then get started with this FREE Video Series Here.

Especially if you want to grow your home business faster. 

Talk soon!



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Nancy Jackson says August 31, 2019

I have known you for a while Ruth- I live in Newmarket…I have seen you grow, while I remain Stagnant! I purchased sthg from this system about 2 years ago and did not take action with the IGNITE prgm at the time : ( I still have the ambition though to make NETWORK Marketing work for me. I need a kick in the butt because I have so much to offer- I can do this!

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