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The Big Mistake In Your Thinking That’s Holding You Back

When Is enough enough? That’s the question that I ask you before another week really gets rolling.

This is a question you must answer, because your answer is likely causing you to go toward your goals in the wrong direction.

When I understood this for myself literally everything changed everything for me. I went from barely making $3,000 per month in my business to having my first ever $50,000 month.

More importantly, the businesses that I have grown have changed thousands of people’s lives for the better. Helping others live their dreams!

The Game You Are Playing (the Thinking) That’s Killing Your Dreams

The bottom line is this…

If you’re playing the game of “When I get _______, then I’ll ______” , this is a thinking pattern that you need to change immediately.

Let’s fill in those blanks with some common ways of thinking…

When I start marking $10,000 per month, then I’ll be happy”

When I start seeing success, then I’ll start becoming a leader that people will want to follow!”

When I’m successful, then I’ll be enough.”

You can add anything in either blank that’s been holding YOU back.

Even when the language changes, or you flip it around, you still must be careful.

“I’ll start doing webinars, once I’m making money!”

So what’s wrong with this thinking?

It’s very simple. It’s completely backwards, and it’s not the way success is achieved. You’re playing the game wrong, and it’s not the way to win.

A Success Mindset – BE, DO, HAVE!

Read those three words, and compare them to the statements above. Completely opposite right?

Most want to HAVE before they DO, and then they can BE!

They want to have the big paychecks, before they start doing the work that it takes to get those big paychecks, and feel happy because of the income they’re making.

They want to lose weight, before they’ll start working out hard, so that they can be happy about they way they look.

If you’re doing this, then it’s likely because you’ve never really looked at it in this light. Like so many things, when we don’t truly peel back and take a deeper look into the way we’re thinking, then it seems to make sense.

Because that’s the dream right. Earn $10,000 a month from home, you’ll feel a sense of freedom and happiness. It seems to make so much sense, but it’s simply not the way it goes.

And to dive even deeper, it’s not the way the rules and laws of universe works.

The Rules Are That YOU Have to BECOME the Person FIRST!

This is why 99% of the people who win the lottery lose that money within 2 to 3 years, and end up right where they were before winning (or even worse off!)

Sure they might have caught some good luck, or are literally “a blip in the matrix” but nothing internally changed FIRST.

Their sense of worthiness remains the same, they haven’t grown into the person who has a wealthy mindset, therefore very quickly the universe evens things out, and brings them back to where they are vibrationally.

All because they skipped the first two steps. the Be, and the Do!

The Other Major Problem of Trying to Reverse the Be, Do, Have Process!

There’s another issue when you approach your goals without first BECOMING.

If you go at a goal from the standpoint of “When I hit X, then I’ll feel Y”, then once you hit that goal ($10K a month for instance), like a drug that high isn’t enough. You hit it, and you’re asking “now what?” It wears off very quickly, and now you’ve got to get to $15K a month to get that new high.

It’s because you came at it through a place of lack. That you had to get to that place to be enough. Or to be happy.


If you can get to a place (ahead of the event) where you don’t need anything outside of yourself to be happy, YOU have won the game.

It is tough. Even for me it was tough. At one point in my business I was $30,000 in business debt, moonlighting some accounting and tax work on the side , earning less than $3,000 a month. It was a challenge for me as well, and you likely have your own things that you feel are keeping you from being in that place of happiness and gratitude.

Which is why the personal growth aspect of my Facebook Group is my favorite part. Look, I’m an entrepreneur through and through, but understand that the growth and self-development are truly the keys to success.

Because it won’t be perfect.

There will be times when negative thoughts creep in. You’ll definitely have challenges. But these are actually gifts that you can learn to embrace. Because these are the times when the Universe is challenging you to grow into the next level of yourself.

When you get that power, and past the idea of needing to have the result to do the thing, things begin to happen in your life that you would never expect.

Try It…Just For Today!

How to Use Silence and Meditation to Get There Faster!

Can you sit quietly, and just feel the feelings of having your result?

What would it feel like inside to reach your goal? You can bring yourself to that place when you sit quietly and just bring it into your existence. Your brain and your body at that time won’t know the difference of it being real or not.

Your mind and body can feel it as though that’s where you’re at today, right now.

If you had the ideal YOU, what would it feel like? You can trigger that feeling anytime, when you quiet your mind, and dance around into the subconscious.

And what’s interesting is that when you do this often enough, the THING actually shows up.

Because you’re doing it in alignment with the law. You’re flooding your nervous system, your cells, your tissues. Your neural pathways and chemical make up is tuning in to what that would be like. Without having the thing yet.

Again, when you do that consistently, things just start to show up. Because you’re elevating your vibration to the vibration of the person who is wealthy, and has hit the goals they’re after.


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Remember, It’s Not Just What You Say, It’s What you FEEL!

People say they want to quit smoking, and they don’t.

People say they want to lose weight and they don’t.

And it’s because they haven’t internalized it yet!

When they do internalize it, that’s when you see people who can quit smoking cold turkey, and never go back.

It’s when you see people lose 30 pounds in 30 days, and they never put it back on. Because they’ve internalized the feeling, and it’s NOW finally a part of them. Who they are! They’ve BECOME that person before they got the result.

It gets to the the point where you become that person that doesn’t NEED the car or million dollar bank account to feel rich, but you feel the gratitude and expectation of feeling rich and wealthy NOW…in the present moment.

It Starts With Just the Little Things..

The gratitude of opening your eyes today.

The gratitude for the abundance of oxygen that allows you to breathe and live.

The abundance of opportunity that’s all around you! (These opportunities begin to appear more and more!)

When you become that person things will start to show up through that filter.

How does it happen? Not totally sure but what does seem to happen is that when you tune into the power of the infinite intelligence in this way, the results come in a way that you least expect it.

Because let’s face it, if you knew how it was going to come, you would already have it.

That’s why you have to leave the small mind and tap into the big mind. The same one that keeps all your trillions of cells functioning without you even thinking about it.

What if we start to dance in this power? Just today?

How about if we played the game a different way just for today?

To commit to a state of who we’re going to be today, no matter what happens around us. Because we can’t control that. But we can control how we act and react to things. That’s the power that you already have now!

If you’re waiting for a result, before you become the person that gets the result, you may be waiting for a very long time.

You’re doing it backwards, and that’s the fine print that most people won’t read.

The world, the Universe, the higher being (whatever that is for you) doesn’t work that way.

The great news is that YOU can start today doing this right, and developing that mindset of success that actually gets results, to achieve the results that you’re after!

What are you going to do not tomorrow, not later, but RIGHT NOW today to take a new way of being from this point forward?

If you’re ready to step into this power then it’s time to make the move in your business and do This

If you got value from this post please let me know in the comments below.

Love and Prosperity


Ruth Anne Sheridan

Ruth Anne Sheridan


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This was so wonderful and uplifting. This combined with the power of prayer will do it for me. Thank you , Ruth.

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Wonderful post- this is something I know in my brain but this last weekend it has sunk into my heart.
Thank you for so eloquently laying it out!

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