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The 4 Types of Posts That Attract Your Perfect Prospect

How did Steve Jobs become one the world’s most-revered business visionaries?

It wasn’t for his engineering. He never did any. Another Steve—Steve Wozniak—built the first Apple computers.

It wasn’t for his designs. The iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad, and nearly all flagship Apple products were designed by a man called Jonathan Ive.

It wasn’t for his programming. Truth be told, he couldn’t code.

So the question is…

How did Steve Jobs come to define Apple, the most valuable company on earth?

You might be able to guess the answer..

Jobs created EPIC experiences.

When we think about Steve Jobs, we don’t picture him soldering a circuit board or writing lines of green-on-black code through an old terminal.


What we instantly imagine is an earnest, passionate guy wearing a black turtleneck and jeans…

Presenting a window into the future

We remember him taking things that weren’t real—couldn’t be real—and making them real.

Case in point…

Remember the 2007 iPhone launch keynote?

It’s widely considered one the greatest product presentations EVER, redefining both how we interact with our phones and forever raising the bar for tech demonstration and stagecraft.

Little did observers know, however…

The the early prototype Jobs confidently paraded across the stage was barely functional, and the engineers were petrified of a very public failure.

So, in essence…

The iPhone wasn’t real

It was simply a vision of the future.

And that didn’t stop Jobs from delivering an EPIC experience that will be remembered for years to come.

And you know what?

That’s the kind of experience YOUR audience and prospective buyers want from you, too.

Sure, they want to get from “point A” (a problem or pain point) to “point B” (a solution).


What people crave are EPIC experiences

Get this right, and people will follow you—even if don’t have any technical skills or knowledge (like Steve Jobs).

Get this wrong, and it won’t matter how great your content is—people won’t want to read it.

It’s that simple.

Now, I know that the idea of delivering an “epic experience” might seem a bit daunting ─especially when learning how to grow an online business. But one way to do it is to match your posts with the 4 different types of personalities that are following you on social media..

Not sure what I mean?

Watch this week’s episode of the Corner Office at Home and I share with you how to create posts that will boost your engagement and appeal on a deeper level to each personality type.


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