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MLM Success Tips

Spending Dollars For Pennies in Return?

How to become a MASTER at Sales


Are you a coach, an MLM’er, or someone who has an incredible product or service to share with the world?


Then you were called to read this post on purposes.

One thing I see pop up frequently in my FB community, my clients, and those who follow me on Instagram is the FRUSTRATION with the amount of time and money people put into their businesses with only pennies in return.

These entrepreneurs ( I like to call them CEO’s)  are either:

  • FROZEN in fear of sharing their value
  • Afraid of coming across as salesy
  • Get super awkward when it comes down to the exchange of money
  • Feel like they’re not cut out for sales
  • Fear rejection and criticism
  • Fear failure; and,
  • End up quitting long before the miracle happens.

If any of the above sounds like you, I want to share with you 6 tips that will help you get past the blocks you have so that you too can start experiencing the absolute joy that comes from having a successful home based business.


You see, I’ve taken my company, Corner Office At Home, from closing on on average $5,000 per month in income from multiple sources including MLM, Affiliate Marketing and Coaching… to multiple six figures in just 2018 alone (and it’s ONLY September!). The very first time I ever cracked $50,000 for the month was July 2018 and let me tell you a few years ago I never dreamed it was truly possible.


Growing up as an introverted shy kid, I NEVER considered myself cut out for sales. I think that’s why I became a CPA.  Now being a CPA served me well, don’t get me wrong. It gave me some great skills and I was never short of a really good job. Problem was I always bumped my head on the glass ceiling. Being a geeky finance type  I was one of those people that viewed salespeople as scammy, and kind of low on the totem pole of reputable professionals.



Yet, today, I have built my businesses by perfecting my sales skills. I even find myself coaching others when it comes to closing a sale in their business–whether that’s a coaching package, recruiting a new rep for their mlm, an affiliate product, a weight loss solution, a course, a book, a pair of pyjamas, ….pretty much anything.


How did sales become super easy for me?


Here are my 6 tips that I shared in my Facebook group yesterday.

The Breakdown:

1. Focus on building a relationship and be yourself through the entire process.

What happens when so many people first start selling ( including me!) is that they become like machines….spitting out garbledy goop about the features and benefits of the products or business before ever even asking if the person they are speaking to has any need for what is being offered.  Selling is about relationship first. It’s about having people’s best interest at heart and offering things that you think might help them. Always be YOU authentically and the sale will naturally happen.

2. Always EXPECT the sale.

Expect the sale to happen. If you go into any conversation with a single doubt in your mind that they will say no, or that they will come up with objections like they have no money, or it’s too expensive then guess what? That’s exactly what will happen. People can sense your certainty in your product or service, and without that certainty, they will lead you straight into the objection that you are expecting.

3. Let it go.

The fastest way to slow down is to let the no’s bother you. I have seen the fear of rejection literally paralyze people and sink entire businesses. Just keep going. There are 7 billion people out there. Someone will see the value in what you offer.

4. The first objection is probably not the real objection.

If you are going to get good at sales you’re going to have to get good at handling objections….because they ARE going to show up.  Realize that the first objection is usually not the real objection. It is an automatic response that is pretty much a pre-programmed defence mechanism that your client or prospects customarily spits out when faced with a buying the decision. Get good at handling objections. One of the fastest ways to find out of the objection is real is to ask some questions.

For instance, say your prospect  says to you ” I don’t have the money”. Typical objection right?

Ask them ” If you did have the money would you get started today”. You will find that if the real objection is not money ( most objections are really fear but that’s  for another training) your prospect will hesitate before answering…having to think and ” cover up” the real objection.

If you sense this keep digging till you find what’s really holding them back and then help them get past it.

5. Keep the customer/client in mind at all times.

Remember to keep focusing on “what’s in it for them?” Put yourself in their shoes and look at your sales page, FB post, Instagram post, and the way you describe your product or service from their eyes. Is the way you’re describing it to them showing them how the product will benefit THEM or ultimately YOU?

6.  Walk the Walk and share it!

Be a product of your product. Whether it’s an mlm opportunity, a coaching business, an affiliate marketing product… authentic.  Share your authenticity in stories ….that’s what makes you real and allows people to connect with you. Remember. We are in relationship businesses.


LOVE these tips? Leave a comment below and let me know! I would love to hear how they have resonated with you or if you picked up something new.


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Ruth XO

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