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Everything You Should Know About Facebook Groups In 2018

Let me ask you a question…. How many Facebook Groups are you in right now? How many did you join voluntarily and how many were you dropped into by friends who were trying to prospect you? I’ll also wager a bet that you can think of one or two groups off the top of your […]

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A Prospecting and Recruiting Fail While on Vacation.

A few years ago, long before I had brought my business online, my partner, Reg, had a business trip he was taking to one of my favourite Canadian cities.  Montreal!  If you have never been there I have to tell you it is like being in a different country.  The old part of the city […]

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4 Proven Ways To Establish Authority Online

Let me be brutally honest… It’s ridiculously difficult to build your business if nobody knows who you are – especially online. It’s impossible to get prospects to return your calls… …or get people to opt in and become a lead, if they don’t perceive you as any kind of authority. So what’s a new Internet […]

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5 Secrets To Effortlessly Attract More Prospects

How would you like to be more attractive? Now, by attractive I don’t necessarily mean “good-looking” attractive. Because, let’s face it, there are lots of things that make someone attractive, beyond just their looks. Instead, I’m talking magnetic quality of attraction that naturally makes folks want to flock to you, desire to be in your presence, and […]

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To Hustle or Flow? The Entrepreneurial Dilema

There is a battle going on out there. Hustle your ass off to get stuff off the ground and grab what you are going for Or Tap into flow. That’s where stuff literally happens. It unfolds like a beautiful table full of the biggest most delicious feast set right before you. Have you ever struggled which energy […]

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