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MLM Success Tip – Become A Master Asker


I’ve never met anyone who likes it.

Some learn how to deal with it and let it go with ease.

It cripples others to the point that they stop prospecting.

Others are in between.

So I asked myself WHY is there so much rejection in the MLM industry and why is it one of the biggest reasons that people stop prospecting, start losing more money and eventually quit?

I don’t really believe that it is because of the industry itself. MLM companies have great products, many have great cultures and the nice thing is there is generally very little barrier to entry when it comes to cost. Got a few hundred bucks? You can be up and running with your very own website, product line, customer support, delivery and procurement…all you have to do is go out there and talk to people.


Well sort of if you have some training..

Now when I started out, I got trained on how NOT to let rejection affect me. My company told me basically to just let it go, keep going, make a bigger vision board, know my why, surround myself with like minded people yada yada yada

But generally when people have hangups about rejection it’s much bigger than that. It generally stems from some events from the past that they haven’t let go of yet and no vision board no matter how big is going to help them bust through the rejection barrier.

So what should companies and trainers do to help people move past rejection so that they stay in the game long enough to see some success?

Well I say teach them skills.

Real skills.

Sales skills, closing skills…call them what you may but the droves of mlm’ers failing every single day do so because….well…they have no skills.

One of the most important skills I learned from my very first mentor, who was a MASTER at sales, was learning to ask questions in a sequence.

When you ask questions in a sequence you can actually pre-qualify people for your product or opportunity. What does this mean?

Well think of it this way.

The unskilled mlm’er is taught to make a list of friends and family, grab the memory jogger, write out a list of 100 people they know and call them all up to tell them about their new business opportunity or new latest and greatest product. They try to sell before they have any idea if the person has any interest in the business or product or any problem that the business or product could solve…..BINGO ….read that again…any problem that the business or product could solve.

Now what should be taught before the eager mlm’er is set lose on their friend and family, most of whom won’t buy or join because they will think the poor soul has lost their marbles….is to ask questions before EVER mentioning a product or opportunity.

So what will asking the right questions do?

It will help identify a problem that your product or opportunity could solve….and what better segway to tell someone what you’re up to than making a recommendation about something that may help them!
Check out this short video to see what I mean.

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Posted by Ruth Anne Sheridan on Monday, August 27, 2018


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Bottom line is the better you get at asking questions to pre-qualify people for your time, the less rejection you will get because you will stop asking people who clearly have no interest, need want or desire in your product or opportunity.


Let me know what you think and if you found value in this post!

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