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How to Recruit 11 New Team Members and Sell More Product Using One Simple Email.

This past weekend I was away camping on a piece of property we own in the Norther part of Canada.  It’s incredibly beautiful here, large pine trees, lots of wildlife, clean air, clean water.  Our property is just that.  It’s a 25 acre piece of land with nothing on it. No electricity, running water, and no neighbours nearby.  It rained most of the weekend and though we were able to get out and do some trail running with the dog (Marigold) and swimming, I had a lot of time to think about strategy and efficiency.


You see I am all about time freedom.  It’s my thing. 

So sitting here I started to think about all the things I had tried in the past to grow my Network Marketing Business. Which ones worked, which ones didn’t work, and which ones leveraged my time the best so that I could achieve my goal.  Time Freedom.

So here’s the rundown

  1. Old School Prospecting and Recruiting.

Most companies and up lines still teach old school prospecting and recruiting skills.  Even some Network Marketers who have transitioned into prospecting online teach old school techniques. What do I mean by this?

Real Old School – This method is really the simplest method to teach anyone, even the newest network marketers can have some success with this method.  Make a list of friends and family, call them up or invite them to a home party, tell them about your business or opportunity and hopefully someone buys or joins.

Big teams have been built using this method. It’s interesting, I was coaching an old schooler last week on how to prospect and recruit using the Internet. He had had some incredible success in the industry…..back in the 70’s. He told he that at one point his team was producing consistently between $80,000 and $100,000 per month. He had done it completely old school because that’s all people knew back them was old school. Now without getting into a long drawn out story, some decisions were made by the company he was a distributor for, and he had made some not so good decisions about putting his feet up to collect his residual way too soon and his business dried up.

He went on to build a brick and mortar business along with his wife that he ran for many years. He decided it was time to sell it a few months ago, which he did and was going to get back into Network Marketing for the rest of his retirement, he joined a great company and went out and did what he knows best:

He made a list of friends and family. He called them all up. He went back to all the people he had known in the industry…I mean this guy still had a decent size network, and he called them all up.

Now what do you think happened?

It could go either way here…..

Well, pretty much everyone said no. 

My client was SHOCKED. He thought it was going to be a cake walk AND he had skill. Closing skills. Selling skills, recruiting skills.  He ended up recruiting 5 people.  It was his wife and his kids, and everyone else said no.

So what happened?

Between the 70’s and now Network Marketing has become more commonplace. I mean you can go back and google the timeline of the growth of network marketing.It really wasn’t until 1972 when Amyway purchased a controlling interest in the first ever MLM called Nutrilite that the business really took off.  My client had been part of Nutrilite.  It was an exciting time, long before MLM’s developed the

Pyramid scheme” name.  Long before companies had been shut down by the FTC.  Long before close to 9000 other MLM’s appeared, all selling some kind of pill or shake, cream or household product. People where joining like crazy. Friends, family, neighbours were saying yes.

Not so easy these days.

But that being said, top leaders are still teaching the friends and family approach. Why? Well think about it….friends and family are the most likely to first buy from you or join your opportunity because they already know like and trust you.  Pretty much everyone can find one or two new customers or recruits in their friends and family list.  And one or two multiplied over and over again CAN turn into a big team. It’s a lot of work, there’s a lot of rejection but it can work. I knew there had to be a better way…

2. Old School Prospecting a New School Way

So what does this mean? Well I like to think of it as Old School prospecting using technology. 

When I first started in the industry almost 11 years ago now, my up line and my company taught almost completely old school stuff. I bought into it. I was totally new to the industry and I say people in my up line making good money so I was coachable.  I made my lists, had home parties, talked to waiters and waitresses. I even went intentionally to malls to meet new people and prospect them.  I went to meet ups, and hosted meet ups. I bought leads, put ads on craigslist and left interest cards inside Tony Robbins books inside chapters.  I put sticky notes on gas pumps for home biz opportunities and cold called people out of the real estate pages.  About half way through this craziness and after having some limited success ( for the amount of work I was putting in and the criticism I faced from my colleagues) I took to the Internet. Facebook was still pretty new to MLM’ers.  There weren’t gobs of people on there yet trying to sell their products and opportunities.  Though I really didn’t;t know what I was doing I started to create a brand around me, as a person who could inspire others. I used only my personal profile and started to attract a following.  In a very short time I had maxed out my friends list and long before Facebook changed its algorithm, a lot of people were seeing my stuff.  When they would like or comment on a post I would start a conversation which would eventually in some cases lead to a phone call where I would tell them about my opportunity or products.

Still a lot of work but at least I was able to do my prospecting from home.  I ended up talking to a lot of people still. Most said no but some said yes.  I felt I was on to something but it was still a lot of work.  I realized that the people on my friends list were just that…friends. They were not targeted.  I had no idea whether any of these people had any interest in my product or opportunity when I started that conversation.

What I was doing was really just old school network marketing but using technology to connect with people instead of having to leave my home or do the dreaded cold calling.

Did it work? Yes. Was it a lot of work and did I have time freedom? No! The activity was the same. I still had to talk to a lot of people who had no interest in what I was doing and hence I was still wasting a lot of time.

Now remember my goal was time freedom right?

3. New School New School

Over time I became disillusioned with MLM.  Yes I eventually became a six figure earner but it was not what I had bargained for.  I was constantly prospecting and recruiting to back fill the people on my team that would drop off.  I in a sense was lucky because part way through my network marketing career I opened a small gym.  This gave me a never ending supply of new customers for my company’s weight lost products.  Some of those people actually became builders with me and that’s precisely how I grew that MLM.  If it weren’t for my gym I don’t think I would have been able to acheive that income level in the MLM industry….until I learned NEw School New School recruiting.

So what does this mean?

Well remember when I said I turned to the Internet but I still had zer time freedom because I was still prospecting all the time and my prospects weren’t targeted? Well that all changed when I learned to attract the right people to me…people who were looking to join an opportunity or switch from the one they were currently in.

This concept is called attraction marketing. There are lots of different facets to attraction marketing but today we are going to talk about the email marketing piece.

Now remember the time freedom piece?  Imagine sending out one email to your email list of hot prospects and 5 people join your team that day, three the next day, and 11 in total that week.  That’s the power of growing a targeted list of prospects. It’s TIME leveraged. Write one email, press a button, it gets delivered to your email list and people sign up and buy. Nice right?

Is it hard to do? Not really.

Think about it like this….

Let’s say you are in an MLM that sells weight loss pills and you want to get a bunch of new customers for your skinny pills.

Ask yourself..

  1. Where does this person hang out on the internet. How do I find them? Who do they follow? What do they like? 

Perhaps your person looking for skinny pills follows companies like weight watchers or Jenny Craig. Do you think you might find some people who would be interested in your skinny pills  in these audiences?

2.  What might you offer someone looking to lose weight to help them to solve their weight loss problem  Well you can’t offer them skinny pills ….yet…because they don’t know like and trust you yet so its pretty unlikely that they will buy from you……yet


But you could offer them something like:

a. A PDF download of 10 belly fat fighting recipes

b. A Short ebook that you wrote on 5 exercise routines to get thinner thighs in 30 days

c. A Shopping list of what to buy and what to avoid at the grocery store

d. A free 15 minute weight loss consultation with you.

And here’s the kicker…. in order to get the thing you are offering they have to “opt-in”….meaning they have to give you their name and email address to get the free gift delivered to their inbox

3. Now here’s where the magic happens.  Here is where you start to warm up your otherwise cold lead.  By sending your new prospects valuable tips and content on a regular basis they are going to get to know you.  They will start to see you as the weight loss guru and when they are ready to start losing weight, you will be their natural choice. 

Email marketing is powerful for many reasons.

Firstly when you are consistent you will be seen as a professional.  It is a strategy that with one push of the send button on an autoresponder you can literally send out thousands of emails to your loyal weight loss subscribers.  At any moment there will be people on your list who are ready to say YES to your products and will email you back, call you, send you a messenger message asking for more info.

When this happens you have essentially automated your business.

And an automated business means TIME FREEDOM! BAM!

And that’s what I was looking for….time freedom.

Now this exact strategy can also apply to recruiting.  In fact last year I sent one email out to my list of subscribers I had been building.  Yes one email got me 11 new recruits into my Network Marketing opportunity in one week. Its all about knowing where your target hangs out on the Internet, delivering valuable content to them that solves their problems and warming them up through email marketing and making offers at the right time.

Now I’ll caution you….you have to use the 80/20 principle in email marketing.  80 percent of your emails should be valuable tips and 20 percent is offers.  Get that wrong and no one will open your emails.

Now you’re going to need a few tools to put all this together and some training to actually implement it but it’s really not hard.  The system I learned from and still use today is HERE.

It’s pretty cool because it has pretty much all the training included in it to get started and if you grab it you get to be in my VIP coaching group for all my clients where I will actually help you get things going so you wont feel alone or stuck.

Check out this short video to see how it can all come together.


If you got some value from this blog post I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Love and Prosperity xo



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