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How to Not Give Up When You Feel Like Quitting

Have you ever had days where you feel like giving up on your business?

Sounds crazy right?

In my humble opinion if you have never felt like quitting then you just haven’t tried hard enough and failed enough times.

Which means that feeling is coming. 

So since you know it is coming then….

How do you not give up when you feel like quitting? I just want you to know this feeling is totally normal and means you are getting places…moving forward!

I personally feel like quitting at least once a week and during some weeks at least once a day. I once had a mentor tell ” if you don’t feel like quitting at least twice a day you’re not working hard enough”

If you don’t feel like quitting at least twice a day, you’re not working hard enough

It’s just part of being an entrepreneur.

So if you felt like throwing in the towel, maybe you feel like it’s just too much,

It’s too overwhelming and you’re not seeing results…

Maybe your family doesn’t support your efforts or maybe you’re working a ton of hours and your bank account doesn’t reflect it….yet!

It happened just last week. I was sitting with my mom and sister telling them that I am on my way to an event in LA next week and really wasn’t looking forward to the travel. I’m going to be moving to a new home in a few weeks time and the time away was definitely throwing a wrench into my packing and moving plans. Both of them said…is what you do legal? Isn’t it safer to go back doing taxes?!

Now my business is going really well!

And I make a really great substantial income! 

But in the past it wasn’t so…

And I would have felt like I had to tell a story to make it look good or avoid the topic all together. LOL!

We’ve all felt like giving up!

It’s something that happens to all of us.

Some days it’s just too much and maybe you’ve caught yourself wondering if this entrepreneurial thing is for you.

Guess what?  you’re not alone…

Every entrepreneur feels like that…

Every entrepreneur is going to feel like that…

And we all feel like quitting at a certain point. It doesn’t matter if you’re making $1 a day, you’re making $1,000 a day.

If you have a million dollar business, you’re going to have a million dollar problems, it’s all going to be the same.

So what we can do about it and how we can keep on going?

The struggle is real but its also a normal part of owning a business…..any kind of business. I had the same challenges when I built my gym and online fitness equipment business. It’s no different for my Network Marketing business.

So how to get back in the game when you feel like giving up? 

You have to COMMIT that you will not be denied success.

A low level of committment is usually the underlying reason why most people quit.

So decide…

Are you all in or all out?

Lets think about this. Do you really think its possible to build a multi-six an seven figure business fitting your activities into the “pockets of time” you have in your day?

Probably not.

If you’re not scheduling your business hours and wining in you’re probably not taking it seriously …sorry to say.

The only way to get there is by doing what gets you closer and closer… every day…consistently…with no excuses.

The other thing is…. when you are on your own, when you’re your own boss, one of the main things that ends up happening is you’re kind of like an island.

You’re on your own.

Even though you’re in this world of building your business online, you kind of feel alone.

It’s like you’re on an island and you are the only one that can give yourself motivation, praise and encouragement.

And when things don’t go quite right it’s really hard to stay that way…

So lets talk about the top tips to help you move forward faster and avoid the pitfalls.

#1 Strategy:

Get inside of a community where you have people that can support you, that can be part of what you’re doing…. that can also give you praise and encouragement.

People will actually do more for praise and appreciation.

It’s part of our human need…

Part of our essential human need is to be appreciated and to be part of something.

So, Find a group that you can be part of…

There’s a bunch of groups out there that you could be a part of and get real support…

Then you will feel like you’re part of something bigger than just you being an island…  It can get super lonely on your own island.

How many times as an entrepreneur have you felt super lonely at times?

Have you ever felt like you’re on your own island?,

I know how that feels… working from home and only talking to my Reg, as much as he totally supports what I do her still really doesn’t understand it.

Joining a group and being supported by people is so important…

You can even make your own group of people if you don’t have one that you’re super excited about… 

Strategy #2 :

Ask for support from your friends and family!

This is harder than it sounds… But embrace your family and friends because if they love you, deep down they really want you to get results!

If you do this though, don’t try to explain or justify the business or industry. If they have been negative in the past just tell them this is really important to you. Its important because it makes you happy and you want to feel successful in your own right.

No one can say no to that!

Strategy # 3:


Meditation is important to calm your mind and your body,

Meditation can look different to different people. My meditation is a little odd. I follow an online stretching program for crossfitters. Some of those stretches which mimic some yoga poses are held for 5 minutes. There’s nothing but focussing on breathing to hold them for that long!

Strategy # 4

Listen to a podcast or get into a training or training event.

Events are perfect because when you go to events you’re going to be around like minded people and you don’t feel like the weird duck out!

As entrepreneurs sometimes we are the weird people that don’t have jobs.

We work for ourselves and so it’s harder to keep ourselves motivated.

You want to have these things in place when you feel like quitting so that you can go and get recharged.

Sometimes when you’re just working, working, working, working, working, and  you’re not seeing in results, you may want to put in a reward system for yourself…

I do this when I hit certain goals inside of my business..

Some rewards for me are just simple like getting my nails done or a massage.

Sometimes I’ll buy something that I’ve been wanting to buy for a long time..

I reward myself… when I’ve hit that goal.

So how can you stay in action?

Strategy #5:

When you start to feel like quitting in your business it’s the most important time to stay in action!

And if you’re an action and you’re consistently moving forward, you don’t have time to think about quitting in your business! Remember Newton’s first law from highschool physics? A body in motion stays in motion, a body at rest stays at rest.

Strategy #6

Get a system that can bring you qualified prospects and team members on autopilot. 

This way you always have people to pull from when you are ready to up your sales or grow your team. 

Click here to grab the 184 page book that will walk you through how this works and where to start. 

To summarize:

What to do when you feel like quitting your business?

1) Get into community

2) Ask for support from friends and family

3) Find a way to reward yourself! Take time for yourself.

4) Get to events

5) Stay in Action! So you won’t have time to think about quitting! Think like Newton!

6) Get a system that qualifies people for you. 

Let me know in the comments whether there is anything else you do to keep yourself motivated!


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