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How To Boost Your Online Presence

Straight up advertising is what so many run away from, wary that someone out there is trying to sell us their stuff.

Media, on the other hand, draws us in…..

People get to know your business through media because they are genuinely interested.   So how do you get customers to flock to your business of their own accord?

By building a media brand. This approach will give you the edge over your competitors. Take Kim Kardashian for example.


Why exactly is she famous again?


Most if us barely know anymore. But what we do know is that she was able to build a personal empire through her brilliant use of media.

But what if you’re not famous?

Well you can still build a winning personal media brand!


You must show your audience that you are an expert on a given topic. People will turn to you as their most trusted resource for information and content.

For a personal brand that’s a little different that Kim Kardashian lets look at the Digital Photography School as an example.  It’s a well known online education platform for aspiring photographers looking for loads of top quality info and content for free.

But wait! Shouldn’t it be pretty unprofitable for DPS’s founder Darren Rowse to give away all his advice?

Not so! ITs precisely because of the great content provided bu Rowse that his readers are willing to buy his books and courses which is how he generates his profits.

His free information attracts a large following who have come to see him as an authority and when authorities make offers people buy.

So how might a Network Marketer create this type of branding?

Well lets look at it from two angles. Building a customer base and recruiting team members.  The two are very different.


Lets say you are in an MLM that sell weight loss products. How might you create a media brand that attracts a following so that you have an opportunity to offer your weight loss products as an authority?

This one is simple.  Build a social media content strategy around valuable weight loss tips. Think recipes, exercise, latest diets that work and don’t work, weight loss stories, funny stories, personal stories anything to help that person looking to lose weight. Inside that strategy are occasional offers which include perhaps a free 15 minute phone consult which could end in recommending your product.

Can you see how this is different than just straight out selling…posting pictures of your products on social media that scream BUY ME?


New Recruits

Let’s say you want to build a large powerhouse team.  In that case you have to think about what type of person you want to attract to your team. Are they entrepreneurial? Go getters? How old are they? Do they have kids? What are their struggles in life? Do they currently have a business that they are struggling in?

You see you will never recruit someone until you understand what they lack AND they understand what they lack. They have to feel that lack, that struggle. Your Marketing must provide answers to their problems. When you provide solutions to their problems the entrepreneurs will start to follow you and see you as a trusted authority. Once authority is built you can make offers to join your network marketing team because people will want to work with you and grow a business with you.

Lets take a look at Susan Sly for instance. Susan is a multi seven figure income earner in the Network Marketing industry. She has a Media brand. She has a website and holds workshops on how to organize your life. She has attracted entrepreneurial people to her who want to get more organized.  She has become an authority and because of that people want to work with her. Whats the best way to work closely with her? Join her Network Marketing team!

Get it?

One of the big problems I see in the industry is that people think everyone needs their products.  Whether its the latest pill that will reduce free radicals, the latest skin potion that gets rid of lines, or the identity theft insurance that will give you piece of mind……if your prospect doesn’t feel the “lack” now matter how great your product is…they won’t buy. Thats where solid marketing comes in!


Social Media Is Your Greatest Tool!

Social media is king. Stats show that 73% of Internet users also use social media. That’s A LOT of prospective customers! So how can you reach them?


By arming yourself with a social media strategy….in essence an outline on why and how you will use social media to achieve your business goals. This may sound simple but it is a crucial step.

Putting content out on social media  without a strategy is like getting into a car without a destination in mind.

Its really not that hard to put a strategy together.

You’ll have to determine the outcome you seek….like, new recruits to join your team or more product sales.

Next choose your social media platform.  I recommend focussing on one to start with then moving over to others once you have one nailed down.  Spread yourself too thin and you won’t get any traction at all.

You’ll then have to decide who your target audience is and decide whether you want to target them through paid ads or other sharing tools.

Knowing your target audience is KEY because that’s where you will determine what they LACK.

Once you know what they LACK you can begin giving them valuable useful content to solve their problems.

It Changed Everything

I literally spent years posting pictures of my Network Marketing products on social media hoping someone would buy.  In the end I really didn’t get very far with that strategy.  A few customers and a bunch of team members who would like my posts.  Not exactly the business of my dreams.

Then I learned marketing  HERE and in less then a year quit my corporate job because I had more than replaced my salary with my business.

Have an Amazing Week!


Ruth Anne Sheridan







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