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Get Leads and Sales With Facebook Story Ads

For those of you that know me, you know I am all about creating time freedom.

It has taken me time to figure it out. I mean for years I literally was the dancing bear on social media, posting my every single move, trying so very very hard to attract people to me. It worked but it was a lot of effort and I felt like I had to be “on” all of the time. Now granted keeping a fresh social media profile is really important, and sharing valuable content for your followers on a consistent basis is key however it can be done in a way that is manageable and predictable so that you can live your life, enjoy it and not feel like you have to be constantly in the circus ring.

One of the single most powerful ways to do this is to leverage Facebook’s ad platform…and story ads are are absolutely the most powerful ad going at the moment.

So ads? You may be asking yourself, why ads?

Well there are a whole bunch of reasons that I won’t bore you with but I will tell you about the two that keep me advertising on Facebook.

1. Facebook ads by far are one of the most cost effective ways to grow a business.

Now if you’re here just wanting to make a few extra bucks and your business is just a hobby then advertising on Facebook may not be the best thing. Why? Because you can make a few hundred bucks doing network marketing old school…aka reaching out to people for an hour or so a day and looking for your next prospect. If however you intend to hit that coveted six figure and up income, one of the fastest ways to the promised land is advertising. According to advertising mogul Gary Vee, in 10 years, Facebook advertising will be as expensive as google ads and if you don’t hop on board now you’re going to kick yourself that you didn’t 10 years from now ( yes he said that but inserted a whole bunch of profanity in it :))

2. Advertising creates time freedom and is scalable.

Essentially, once you determine who your target is and you use some ninja strategies to locate them on Facebook, you can get Facebook to deliver that ad in front of them all day and night. You can literally make sales while you sleep which is pretty freakin cool. Does it take a little work to make this happen? Yes? Will you likely need a little help getting it all figured out? Maybe, I certainly did. But once it was working, I could literally turn the ad on or off as I pleased depending on how much I wanted to work and how many leads I wanted any particular week. Now thats time leveraged right?

So right now story ads are hot. Why? Well here are some reasons:

The one thing that you must always remember is that nobody goes to Facebook or Social Media to get sold to. In essence, people log onto Facebook to decompress. To connect with friends and family, to be nosey, to be entertained, to get the latest news, and to learn about the things they love. They usually don’t go on to initially buy.

So here’s are a few reasons why Facebook Story Ads work….

  • They don’t LOOK like ads
  • You use the type of pictures and images that people actually go to Facebook to see.( ie not ads that say buy my stuff!)
  • Story ads hook your prospects, and get them curious to want to know more
  • Once hooked, readers must click to ‘learn more’ ( this is super important but I’ll explain that in a bit)
  • Your stories are seen by only the most highly targeted prospects, your ideal customer or business prospect…not your friends who are not interested anyway!
  • You get your stories front and centre in your ideal prospect’s news feed
  • These stories create a ton of engagement, and let you connect, build know like and trust, which is required before anyone will ever join you or buy from you anyway.


ALL while giving Facebook users exactly what they logged on for in the first place….NOT to be sold to and to be entertained, educated etc.


So here is one example of a SHORT story ad that literally generated thousands of leads and sales for my completely on autopilot.  The cool thing about this ad is that it told a short story, had a picture that looked like it belonged on facebook ( it wasn’t salesy) and it asked people to engage with the post. every time someone left a comment Facebook recognized it as a great post of interest so they showed it to ALOT of people for very little money compared to the profit I made from this one simple ad.

You may be asking yourself…

What Can You Use These Facebook Story Ads For?

You name it!

Affiliate offers
Your network marketing opportunity
Your network marketing products
A service offer
Your coaching business

Now remember, you can’t just jump from story ad right into the sale…..Just like you can’t ask someone to marry you on the first date. Well maybe you can but you might get slapped in the face.

What you can offer them is something for free like a free 15 minute consultation, a free checklist or webinar. All of which they must first subscribe for by giving you their contact information.

So imagine you sell weight loss products, you create a story ad about a powerful weight loss journey…a real tear jerker, and you offer a free shopping checklist for foods that boost metabolism and burn fat at the end of the story. In that checklist you share some valuable tips ….and the last item on that list is YOUR fat burning product with a link to your website. BINGO!

Powerful right?

And this can all happen on autopilot using the power of story ads. The ad does the work and you make sales while you are enjoying your free time doing the things that you love.



If this is a strategy that you would like to start to implement hop into my free private facebook coaching group HERE where I will be sharing a special training on how to build a Rockstar Story Ad.


Have an awesome week!





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