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A Six Figure Strategy That Might Surprise You

Have you ever looked for that perfect six figure strategy?

I definitely have!

I’m sure you’ve come across many business coaches out there who are either coaching you or selling you on THE sales and recruiting strategy “guaranteed” to make you millions.

They have the team, the leadership, the product, the funnel, the social media graphics pack, and the exact posts you supposedly “must” copy & paste or you will NOT be successful.

Sound familiar?

I certainly fell into this trap when I first got started too so don’t worry!!!

But even with all the cool tools and strategies I was still struggling. There was something missing. I was frustrated and overwhelmed by it all.

When I first heard this fear based message from the “gurus” I was earning about $4k per month in my business. My email list had about 2,500 people on it.

To this day often times I still forget to “sell”. I am probably the worst promoter you’d ever come across in the online world (and quite honestly, I’m setting the intention just NOW to get better at it. I know that the funnels and systems through mlm Rebels that I share with my Network Marketing team are really powerful and could help so many people reach their goals but when it comes to promoting them I have not been that diligent.)

However…The revenue that my businesses have been generating consistently on a monthly basis these past 12 months?


Yep, every single MONTH with zero fancy strategy.

This is something I would’ve only DREAMED of creating just 2 years ago and now having done it I have my sights on a $100,000 month in the next two years. Sound crazy? Maybe to some but not to me…..anymore.

Did you know that success in your business is mostly based on your energy and your belief system?

If you believe you need a fancy website that cost you $10k to put together, an email list of 200,000 people, and a team of 10 people to be successful in your business… then that’s exactly what will be required of you to become successful.

If you believe that you don’t need a fancy website, a massive email list, and all you need to do is show up on Facebook and deliver value to be successful… then that’s exactly what will be required of you.

If you believe that you are being held back by your company’s lack of systems, training, or less than perfect product mix then that’s exactly what will happen.

Every successful person has a strategy. They are successful because that strategy aligned with them. It doesn’t necessarily mean it will align with you.

You must do what feels good to YOU, and run with it. What feels good to YOU is what should be implemented.

Eventually… you may find yourself applying some advanced strategies as you learn more. For me it was building a rock solid funnel to share with my team so they could use it and duplicate with it but everything I did I made sure it aligned with me.

Alignment is EVERYTHING.

As long as your energy is in the right place, you are focusing on solving problems for people and LOVE on your audience CONSISTENTLY, the sales and new recruits will occur naturally.

Now I don’t have a technical strategy for you today but what I do have is a way for you to get into alignment with money because your mindset about money more often than not is what holds my clients back. Without aligning yourself with positive VIBES around money, it will remain scarce. It happened to me!

So grab a cup of tea and listen to my podcast you can listen here on iTunes and also grab the Free 7 day companion workbook to help you get into alignment with money and start manifesting what you desire.

To Your Massive Success, Ruth Anne Sheridan

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