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A Prospecting and Recruiting Fail While on Vacation.

A few years ago, long before I had brought my business online, my partner, Reg, had a business trip he was taking to one of my favourite Canadian cities.  Montreal!  If you have never been there I have to tell you it is like being in a different country.  The old part of the city is gorgeous and Notre Dame cathedral is a spectacular rendition of the one in Paris.  But it’s not just the sites, its the vibe, the food, the culture that makes this place so special.

So when I heard he was going to Montreal, I immediately said I’m in!

He worked in the day and so did I…I’ll tell you that story in a minute…..

But first off I have to tell you a bout two places you absolutely have to eat at while you are there.

  1. Schwartz’s Deli  – O.M.G., shut the Front door!  This place has been around for years and is a landmark in Montreal.Schwartz’s is a delicatessen restaurant and take-out, located at 3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal, Quebec. It was establishd in 1928 by Reuben Schwartz, a Jewish immigrant from Romania. It is kosher style rather than kosher. Its long popularity has led to it being considered a cultural institution of Montreal. The staff of Schwartz’s credits the unique flavour of their smoked meat to their mandatory 10-day meat curing time, the high turnover of their meat, and their brick smoke-house covered with over 80 years worth of buildup. All I can say is YUM.
  2. Au Pied de Cochon – Now this place is game changer when it comes to food…if you are a foodie! This is extravagant and decadent dining, and will be an experience not soon to be forgotten. Very Very French Canadian. Good food often is slow food, so be prepared to linger and enjoy the company. Talk with the waitstaff — they are knowledgeable and willing to guide you through the menu. Buy them a drink too!  You might need their help to get home, or at least out the door.






But I digress….and now I am hungry……

When Reg told me that he was going for business I said, sure I’ll come. I would love to build a Network Marketing Team in Montreal so off I went with him, ready to prospect while he was in his meetings.


Day one arrived and I had done some research beforehand on different networking groups that were running in Montreal.  Unfortunately there wasn’t alot going on the days that we were going to be there so I thought…hmmmmm…I’ll lurk around on social media for awhile and find some Facebook groups based out of Montreal with entrepreneurs in them and perhaps I’ll get lucky and strike up a conversation with a good prospect that I can meet.  Well the day went on and morning turned to afternoon, then afternoon turned to early evening. Nothing. Nothing but a bunch of random conversations with people who really had no interest in anything I had to offer, much less meet me. Al except for one guy who offered to meet me but I don’t think his intentions were business.

Reg asked how it went and I told him.  Now he is an INCREDIBLY supportive guy and I am so blessed he is my partner but he did look at me and say, you were in the room all day and did zero business?  He was right. Random prospecting online with strangers, as much as I tried to look for good people, was getting me nowhere fast.

Day two. I decided I would venture out. After all I was in an amazing city and wanted to see some of the sites. I thought I would hit some coffee shops in my travels to do some ninja prospecting. then stop by some targeted shops that I felt were a right fit to carry my products.

Off I went.  First stop Starbucks. I sat beside a nice younger woman.  I commented how much I liked her purse and asked her where she got it from.  A pretty nice lead in to hopefully a longer conversation.  She gave me a one word answer then buried her head back in her computer.  OK maybe I should move seats.  I discretely got up and pretended to put more milk in my coffee and found a new seat to sit in. This time beside a well dressed older woman.  I looked at her and smiled. She looked back and smiled. Great start!  I asked her how her day was going and we had a short conversation about how she was waiting for her daughter to finish up her dance class. We chatted a few minutes, creating rapport. Her daughter showed up and seemed to be stressed and upset about something that her instructor said.  My decent prospect was now totally focussed on her daughter’s dilemma and I was now finished my coffee.

Off to the shops. The walk down the street was nice. Pretty shops, great aromas from bakeries and coffee shops….I arrived at my destination. The shop where I thought they may be interested in carrying some of my stuff.  I marched in. Ready and friendly.  I browsed around a bit to get a feel for what the shop was like and the person behind the counter. The shop keeper was busy with a customer so I waited till the little shop cleared out.  I thought in my head I should have made an appointment by phone because this was already feeling like a huge waste of time. I tried so hard not to speak it into existence. When the time came I introduced my myself to the shop keeper. I complimented her on her shop and all the lovely things in it. I told her I was from out of town and was looking to partner up with some shops in the city by carrying some of my company’s products. She was nice. She looked at my catalogue. When I told her the price of things she flat out said it’s too expensive and that she wouldn’t be able to mark it up enough to make any money on it.

I thought hmmmm cost objection…I know how to handle this!

I asked her about what it was like to run a shop day in and day out. It had to be hard, and how the company I represented could give her some time freedom and passive income.

Oh wow….

That opened up a whole new objection…..is this network marketing…is this one of those pyramids???

Now she was angry.

What had I done???

I was fighting a losing battle.

I decided to have a late lunch, do some shopping then go back to the hotel to see Reg.

He arrived shortly after I did. In his usual caring way he asked me how my day went.

I was almost embarrassed to say.

I told him I had a nice time touring the city, which was true, and left it at that.

Day Three…the 8 hour ride home.

All I could think about was there had to be a better way!

How did other people grow these businesses. I had met people who shot to the top of their companies in no time.  I went on a mission to find out how.

Then late one night while I was scouring the Internet I found it.

Attraction Marketing.

I bought a $27.00 ebook that night and became obsessed with what it taught me.

I learned that I could have prospects reaching out to me to ask me if they could join my team.

I learned that I no longer would have to waste endless days talking to all the wrong people…..people in Starbucks and shop who had absolutely no interest in what I was doing. After all at some point we all give up on bugging friends and family but the problem is where do we go from there?

If you have ever felt like you were wasting your time talking to all the wrong people then you must read this ebook.  Since I did I have created a multi six figure business all from the comfort of home suing social media for prospecting. No more bugging friends and family and when I go away with Reg I just go to take a vacation and NOT prospect!

You can grab your very own copy of the book HERE


Love and Light xo





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jamie Allen says July 11, 2018

Great advice and you hit the nail on the head with your walk through your trip for network marketers! Happy I found Attraction Marketing and can just enjoy my vacations as well!

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