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5 Steps to build know, like and trust online.

I often talk about building know, like and trust with your audience. Without these things in place it will be difficult to really get anyone to buy anything from you and if you are a network marketer good luck getting anyone to join your business without these things in place.

We throw those term’s around..know, like and trust with such great ease but ever wonder about the how?

How do you get your audience to actually get to know you, like you and trust you enough so that they stick around and believe that your product or service is worth their time and money? 

Building trust online definitely looks different for everyone depending on your personality, brand, and voice. But I know of a few important rules of thumb to follow that can get you well on your way to building a community of diehard friends and fans on social media. Here are my top 5 tips for nurturing your audience and building a really solid foundation with them.


Ok I know this sounds simple and you have probably heard it 100 times before. Tell a story with your content. This might seem simple, but telling the stories that make up your days is such a great way to shed light into your life. Talk about the journeys you’re overcoming or past obstacles you’ve faced or big wins you’ve experienced. Talk about the little things like what driving in a snow storm taught you about yourself, or what getting great service from your waitress taught you about your own business.

When we share our own stories, it makes us so much more relatable to our audiences. It shows that you’re a real human being behind the social media account, and not just another business trying to make a sale. I’ve recently committed to showing up in my IG and FB stories for at least 1 minute a day to share raw and real pieces of my life….makeup or no makeup. Isn’t that the kind of thing most people enjoy seeing anyways? The real stuff?

It’s more important to show up with authenticity and intention than showing up perfectly.


Empathy is a hard emotion to come by in a digital world. It’s the ability to connect with others by putting yourself in their position, and it’s super powerful in creating meaningful connections with others.

Share empathetic messages online by addressing what you know are your audience’s biggest pain points. If you aren’t about your audience then be sure to listen to my podcast on knowing your target market. Show you can understand and feel for the setbacks and obstacles and problems your audience faces. It will position you as a compassionate person who is on their side of the problem, and nothing builds know, like and trust faster. 


Yep, showing your face actually can build trust! It’s not “weird” or “selfish”, and no one is going to judge you. ( and if they do it really doesn’t matter anyway.) If you look at it this way, video gives you the chance to have conversations with people. They get to see the real you, your quirks, your facial expressions, the way you speak the way you laugh. Nothing builds trust faster virtually than video.


Trust deepens when we feel heard and understood, right? Think about any relationship you have… How good does is feel when you get individual attention and feedback from a loved one? It creates this joyful sensation of being understood, and you can give that to your audience by speaking to and interacting with them one-on-one…..via video and your posts.

Now I’m not talking about getting on calls with every single person but do respond to all comments. Even if it’s just leaving an emoji. Engage with your audience when you are on live video. Ask questions, provide answers. Ask your audience often for feedback and don’t forget to thank them for following you.

How to Create Know Like and Trust With Your Audience


Do the words on your pages, emails and social media communicate that message accurately and well?

Words matter, and the words you use in your branding, on your website, in emails, to create captions — they carry the message of your heart in so many ways. What message do you want to communicate to your followers, clients, or customers to build trust?

Create a tone that’s consistent. Craft a story that’s relatable to your perfect customer and be consistent with that message even on bad days. Now it’s ok to share a story of struggle but a downright rant that is totally out of nature is just not going to cut it.

But be sure your copy is always communicating your underlying message and goal of your brand, whether that’s to encourage, inspire, etc. Having a consistent message will allow your audience to know they can turn to you for whatever it is you serve them with, so stay clear and intentional in your content.

Following these 5 tips will ensure that you’re ready to crush the know, like and trust building online. Remember that it will take time to build this. It’s not going to happen over night. But if you consistently show up with the same underlying message and tone you will have a community of loyal followers who will buy from you when you make offers.


Because they trust you!

XO Ruth

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