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5 Magical Words That Will Help You Handle Objections

If you have been in the Network Marketing industry for any length of time or have been in any kind of sales capacity I am almost 100% sure you have been faced with some kind of objection.

I remember back in the beginning of my Network Marketing Venture my upline very clearly told me that “this isn’t sales it’s sharing”.  I thought, how nice, I can build a business from the comfort of home, replace my six plus figure corporate income, build a massive team and earn long term residual income so I can put my feet up and all I have to do is “Share”?

Cool I thought.

I was a little suspect of it all, if it was so easy why wasn’t everyone doing it?

I thought it was worth a try, after all I had a ton of business background and I have to say I’m no slouch when it comes to tackling goals so off I went on a mission to share.

After my first few no’s from my family and a few close friends I called my upline to report back to her on my dismal results.

I asked her, what I was doing wrong.

She Said I Should Go For No

She told me if someone said no just go on to the next.   She also said that I should “go for no” which was really a weird concept for me back then…I wanted yes’s!  but I guess a no was better than having to go back and continually bug people or should a say “share”.

Well bottom line is that I was getting nowhere fast and getting more and more frustrated.  After a few months I had sold some products to a few of the member of the gym I owned at the time, but I hadn’t recruited a soul.  The people I had sold product to had all cancelled their auto-ships because the products were far from inexpensive and I was left with a pretty dismal looking business.

I thought…there is really something wrong here. Everyone that I tried to recruit had excuses that sounded like this:

Ruth, I have no money

Ruth, that looks like a pyramid

Ruth, I have to talk to my husband

Ruth, I don’t have time to run a business

Ruth, I don’t have any people who I could talk to about this

and the whopper was

Ruth, if people at work find out about what you’re doing they will lose all respect for you.

Now that was a zinger that threw me off for a week or two.

Thank goodness I stuck it out, because in the end it all came together. The income, the prospects, yes it all happened and now I enjoy a home based business that affords me the freedom I was soooo longing for….

But back to my story….

Here’s the thing,

When I started out in Network Marketing I had zero sales skills. I mean zero.

The minute I heard an objection I ran for the hills.  I’d say crap like ” Oh I totally understand” and then I’d be outta there. I didn’t know how to deal with this stuff and I really hated the “rejection”.

I was frustrated. I saw a few leaders have success and I wanted to be one of them. Then I remember sitting in a conference and I had a huge lightbulb moment.  It happened when I was listening to one of the top leaders talk about how many leads she had per day to talk to and how many follow ups she was making.  The numbers were astronomical. I don’t remember exactly what she said but it was somewhere around 20-30 new people per day.

It was in that moment I realized I had no skill.

I had no prospecting skills

I had no idea where to find that many people to talk to on a daily basis

and I had No clue how to handle objections.

This was a big business and I was playing in a sandbox sharing with my friends

I thought what the EFF is going on here. Why was I not taught how to do things to become successful.

Thats when I said enough  is enough….

I decided to learn the skills so I could have success like the people I was listening to.

And one of the biggest skills I learned was how to handle objections.

You see…..


5 Magical Words That Will Help You Handle Objections

Most people when they state an objection it’s really just an automatic response that they give to anyone trying to sell them something.

Your job as a sales person ( not a sharer…sorry this is real business) is to…….

  1. Ignore the Objection – yup that’s right. Ignore it like it never even left their lips. Why? Because often objections are automated responses built in to people’s dialogue to protect them from sales. Sometimes they don’t even realize they say it!  I know this works because I do it all the time when I am selling products, recruiting people or making affiliate sales.  I just keep the conversation going and sometimes the objection never comes up again.
  2. If the objection comes up after you ignore it you should say these 5 magic words Tell Me More About That“.  The dialogue goes like this. Prospect says, Ruth I have no money to buy that. I say: Tell me more about that.  So why are these words magic? Because if you keep asking them, you will reveal whether the objection being stated is real. The first objection is often not the real objection.  The real objection is more often than not some kind of fear….now that’s a whole other training.  But getting to the root of what is really going on is going to help you work more closely with your client to overcome the objection.  For instance, if money is the real objection then here are some things you can say to help the person get over the money issue ( This one is key) If you did have the money would you get started?  If the answer is yes then that is your golden ticket to keep going.  You might ask your client something like this ” Many of my clients get creative when they want something but don’t have the money. How might you get creative to find the money?
  3. The other thing you will notice is that handling objections, money or otherwise is really all about asking good questions and leading your prospect to a decision.
  4. And last but not least. Once you overcome the objection then ask for the sale!  Are you ready to get started is a perfect line to get people going.


I hope you found this blog post helpful. If you have specific objections that you run into frequently that you would like some help with just leave me a comment below.

Love and Prosperity xo


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