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Alternate Aging

Welcome to the Alternate Aging Page! I put this page together for people who are passionate about living an active happy life in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

I am a 56 year old Ironman finisher and crossfit athlete.  I love the active lifestyle that I participate in with my family.  In these Blog Posts I share my personal tips on how to life happy active, fit and free!  You can check them out HERE

I am super passionate about the KETO diet.  After injuring my shoulder when I was 50 I was in constant pain. I developed a frozen shoulder and could barely lift my arm over my head.  This severely impacted my quality of life. I could no longer do all the active things that I loved.  I also gained weight.

Ruth Anne Sheridan

After following the Keto lifestyle diet after a few short weeks my discomfort started to subside.  I also lost 15 pounds which was a pleasant by product of following the Keto style of eating. 

I am happy to now say that I am back to all my normal activities that keep me fit and happy and I have also added in rock climbing in the mix!