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I’m absolutely thrilled that you are looking at working with me. Helping people is what drives me!

Ruth, Tim, Ferny and Matt

There are two ways you can work directly with me. It’s pretty simple!

  1. You can hire me as a coach and mentor to teach you how to build a successful business.
  2. You can join me in my network marketing team.

Here’s what each option looks like:

OPTION 1: Coaching and Mentorship with Ruth

I’m always looking for Dream Clients to work with.

Over the years of creating a lot of success in my personal business, I’ve taken all I have learned from both a successful traditional career and one of entrepreneurship and developed systems and processes that I now teach and train on.

I teach Network Marketers and Entrepreneurs:

  • How to Build Powerhouse Online Brands that Convert into leads, sales and team members
  • How to Build a Following and an Email List
  • How to Build Online Marketing Sales Funnels that generates leads for your business on demand.
  • How to Blog for Results
  • How to do Organic and Paid Facebook Marketing to expand your brand and generate even more leads and sales
  • How to Attract Your Ideal Prospect Using Podcasts.

There are a two different options that you can look at if you’re looking into to having some one-on-one time with me:


Please Budget Between $3,000 – $9,000

Ruth Anne Sheridan

Here’s how my private coaching works:

Step 1:

Before working together on a private coaching plan, I like my coaching clients to have a basic understanding of Online Brand Positioning and Blogging. I use an online system of training to teach you the basics. If you haven’t been through the system yet, I highly suggest you have this understanding before we dive into higher level coaching together. If you are looking for the system you can grab it here:

Alternatively, if you already have a Blog and Brand online, this would qualify you to take the next step with me and apply for a Private Coaching Plan.

Step 2:

Once you have a Blog and Brand Started it’s time to start generating leads and sales for your business.

If you don’t have this happening and you’d like to dive into a personal coaching plan with me, please fill out the form below and we’ll have a conversation about your specific business plan.
My private coaching plans are scheduled as either 5 or 9 month plans. Yes, private coaching is expensive…. AND Yes it is worth it because it compresses the learning curve and your RESULTS.

Think about compressing years of work into 5 or 9 months and potentially being able to make more than someone who graduated University with an MBA. All done from the comfort of home and leveraging your time so that you can create some freedom in your life.


Please Budget Between $1,000 – $3,000

Corner Office At Home – Mastermind Group and Coaching

This Experience is literally like no other mastermind out there.

For an entire year you will have access to weekly exclusive marketing trainings and a once a week LIVE Q&A where you can submit your questions and I will answer them LIVE.

Before you know it you’ll have a working online business that’s generating you leads and sales!

OPTION 2: Work with me in my Network Marketing Team:

If you’re here on this page looking to partner with me in my Network Marketing Company and you want to become your own independent Entrepreneur then I’m super excited to meet you!

Ruth Anne Sheridan

Being an Entrepreneur coach in the Industry since 2008 has exposed me to many different businesses, products, compensation plans and programs but quite frankly, there are great specific reasons why I ultimately chose the company I’m with and here’s why:

  • Great Leadership that builds with Online Marketing Strategies (quite frankly I got tired of the old school methods t of prospecting friends and doing home parties)
  • A Product that Can Easily be Promoted Online
  • Leverage and a System that Duplicates
  • A Stable Company that has lasted the test of time (no risky start-ups)
  • A product I would Buy Even if there was No Comp Plan
  • A product that has Mass Market Appeal and Everyone Wants
  • A product that would Enhance my Personal Brand


I have no idea if any of those items that were important to me are important to you, but when you’re looking to partner with a company it’s important to make sure that the model fits YOU.

If you’re looking to do something NEW and EXCITING or venture into becoming your own At-Home-Entrepreneur for the very first time…. I encourage you find something that you’re extremely passionate about.

Because I found something that I’m extremely passionate about, I’ve gone on to create outstanding success in my company.

Ruth Anne Sheridan


As awesome as it would be to work together, I want to make sure that it’s a good fit for the both of us. I want you to think about this as you dive into this information about joining our team.

I don’t work with everyone because I invest a great deal of time into coaching and training my team and I have to be diligent with my time… heck, I don’t want to waste your time either.

But here’s an easy way to qualify yourself, ask yourself

“Would I want to work with me?”

…if the answer is ‘HECK YES!’

then I’d be thrilled and excited to meet you.

Here’s who I’m looking for:

  • Someone Coachable
  • Someone that has a burning desire to Create Success
  • Someone that is Dependable
  • Someone that is a Pleasure to work with
  • check
    Someone that has a ‘No-Excuses’ Mindset

I use an *exclusive marketing* site reserved for serious business builders that understand the concept of time leverage, that is duplicable so that anyone who wants to run with this business will have an unfair advantage over other Home Business Entrepreneurs not just in my company, but in other companies as well.

Our Team is a very high paced team with over 22 years of experience in the industry. We’re driven by an unbridled PASSION to materialize our Dreams of Personal Freedom and Financial Wealth and with a Desire to make a POSITIVE Difference in others’ Lives.

If you are ready to run with us…and have “unlimited” success…and can appreciate the Value of running with a Team who is extremely connected in this industry, and you want to position yourself to reap the financial benefits of working with us, in order to secure what you KNOW you want most, which is your Time Freedom and personal lifestyle…

Very simply, we’re looking to work with people, who are ready to kick some BUTT in their OWN Home Business and Create the Life they’ve always DREAMED about!

OH Yeah…. We Like to Have a Tremendous Amount of Fun Because Life is too short not to!